partnertswo lokalne gmin powiatu Tureckiego
Project co-funded from the EEA Grants from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, and also from national budget.
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Information about the project

The main problem of the Turecki District is too little economic growth. Because of this there is too high unemployment level and migration of people to more developed centers.

Therefore the main objective of the project is to make the economic situation in the District better through making the relations between partners stronger and ensure the Partnership can be able to implement the most needed common projects.

Another project’s target is the share of community in project implementation through social consultations.

The outputs of the whole undertaking are:

-         common strategic documents for the District Area, such as:

a) integrated economic development strategy;

b) communication study;

c) brand and tourist product strategy;

-         documentation which is needed to create Credit Guarantee Fund and  Loan Fund for the corporate entities;

-         technical documents which will be recognised in the strategic ones as the most needed;

-         the institutional partnership development, including creating the Partnership Development Plan.


With the Partnership project implementation all partners will be completely ready to solve the problems which were identified on the functional territory.

The members of the partnership are: 9 communities, 1 district and 2 economic and social partners.

Each partner has got large institutional ability to contribute to the project at professional level. They’ve got:

-         proper experienced human resources;

-         organised projects management structure;

-         stabile financial situation;

-         full technical background.

The relations in the partnership will be strengthened due to:

-         working out and testing in practice  the procedures of creating and leading Partnership;

-         having the concrete Partnership Development Plan

-         having strategic, operational and technical documents needed to implement the most needed projects.


It is expected that after the project implementation the partnership will cooperate more intensively with the social participation. In future the coordination of the partnership will be managed by already existed Turecki District Communities Union, which has got organised structures. Therefore the impact of this cooperation will be stronger and wider.

Project co-funded from the EEA Grants from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, and also from national budget.